Manufacturing Technician Training


Manufacturing Technician Level 1 Training, Assessment and Certification

The Manufacturing Technician Level 1 (MT1) certificate program addresses the core technical competencies required for skilled production occupations in all sectors of manufacturing.  The core technical competencies certified are: (1) Math and Measurement, (2) Business Acumen and Quality, and (3) Spatial Reasoning and Manufacturing Technology.  Training modules include safety, quality practices and measurement, manufacturing processes, electrical and mechanical basics and maintenance awareness.

A MT1 operates precision machinery, systems and processes. Typical skills expected in these positions usually includes: CAD skills, computer controlled machine programming, precision measurement, process and machine trouble-shooting, problem-solving, machine maintenance and proficient use of diagnostic and statistical tools.  These positions generally describe someone who has enough broad-based knowledge about a multi-step process to successfully trouble-shoot and solve problems beyond the scope of typical “machine operators.” These positions may also describe someone charged with developing/refining prototype fabrication methods for new products.  These positions may also describe someone charged with developing/refining prototype fabrication methods for new products.

The MT1 assessment measures individual skills attainment in 12 critical technical skills.  The complete assessment includes three sections: Math and Measurement; Spatial Reasoning and Manufacturing Technology; and, Quality and Business Acumen.  A partial assessment can also be given.  The assessment is online; each section takes approximately an hour; and, an individual has up to three hours to complete the full assessment.   The MT1 is included in the NAM Manufacturing Institute National Credentialing System.

The MT1 Certification is a stackable industry credential that demonstrates to employers anywhere in the world that an individual has an understanding of modern manufacturing.  Individuals obtaining the MT1 Certification may apply for advanced standing credit in selected degree programs at ECPI University to receive up to six (6) college credits.  ECPI advanced standing credit may be used to establish Transfer Credits to other accredited 2yr and 4yr colleges and universities.

The MT1 Action Learning LabTM is a highly specialized training program based on core manufacturing skills and the techniques and interrelationships found in high performance manufacturing and production. Instruction focuses on the critical actions, STEM knowledge, systems, and processes necessary to participate in an advanced manufacturing enterprise. Activities include a focus on math and measurement; quality and continuous improvement practices; and, advanced manufacturing processes and controls. Participants develop high performance skills through demonstrations, lectures, self-paced studies, labs, technical presentations, use of proxy technology (i.e. mechatronics lab), critical thinking, problem solving, and individual/group activities in order to demonstrate the core set of skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in careers in advanced manufacturing.

Training Scholarships may be available based upon participant eligibility for various grants received by the MSI. To find out, please contact the MSI.