VMAPAC Industrial Strength Leadership Award


VMAPAC Industrial Strength Leadership Award

~Delegate David Bulova Recognized at VA Industry Forum~

NEWPORT NEWS, VA– The Virginia Manufacturers Association Political Action Committee (VMAPAC) and Virginia Manufacturers Association (VMA) awarded this year’s VMAPAC Industrial Strength Leadership Award to the Honorable David Bulova, 31st District of the House of Delegates, at the Virginia Industry Forum today.

The VMA Industrial Strength Leadership Award was created by the VMA’s Political Action Committee (VMAPAC) in 2003 to recognize Virginia Delegates and Senators who demonstrate exceptional support for a pro-manufacturing agenda by virtue of their most recent legislative session voting record.  The Award is not a blanket endorsement of any candidate or political party; rather, it is an honored designation for a legislator at a specific point in time for all manufacturers and allies to recognize.

All members of the Virginia House and Senate are considered.  Distinction is given to members of the legislature that carry a VMA Priority Bill.  Further distinction is given to members of the legislature who successfully carry VMA Priority Bills.  Adjustments are also made for those selected members that may be sponsors of VMA Defensive Priority Bills. The Delegates and Senators receiving the highest combined Vote Score earn the award.

Winners are presented with a distinctive award bearing the award icon, an image of Hermes, the Greek god of commerce.  Hermes was chosen as the award icon because his duties included the making of treaties, promotion of commerce, and maintenance of free rights-of-way for travelers.  He was believed to be responsible for both good luck and wealth.  Finally, his distinguishing qualities were cunning, ingenuity, knowledge and creativity.  These are all factors representative of industrial strength leadership.

“Delegate Bulova demonstrated particular ‘industrial strength leadership’ through the success of HB1552 involving career and technical education and HB1619 involving VPDES permitting and nutrient management,” said Brett Vassey, VMA President & CEO.  “We look forward to many more opportunities to work with David and recognize his significant legislative achievements that make Virginia manufacturing more competitive.”

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