Chairman’s Safety Award

VMA Safety Awards Program

VMA Safety Award

The VMA Safety Awards are presented each year at the Virginia Environmental Health & Safety (VEHS) Conference to manufacturing contractors who exemplify workforce safety.  Winners of this award are contractors who participate in the Manufacturing Skills Institute (MSI) Industrial Safety Readiness Training (ISRT) program and have successfully trained a percentage of their qualified workers annually on ISRT.  Companies are evaluated annually by VMA staff and recognized at the conference at the following levels:

  • Gold Level – 75% of qualified workforce trained
  • Silver Level – 50% of qualified workforce trained
  • Bronze Level – 25% of qualified workforce trained

VMA Chairman’s Safety Award

Gold Level winners of the VMA Safety Awards are eligible to participate in the VMA Chairman’s Safety Award Program.  These manufacturing contractors exemplify the highest level of safety commitment and performance.  Eligible companies must meet the following criteria:

  • VMA Membership
  • Established Safety Management System
  • ISRT Requirements
    • Gold Level Status (75% total qualified workforce trained)
    • 100% for employees working on-host employer locations
  • No NOVs from OSHA or VOSH for previous 12 months (exemptions possible based on mitigating circumstances – written explanation required for consideration)
    • Injury Trends – OSHA Recordable Rates equal to or lower than industry average
    • 5 year injury trending – positive trending over time

Applications for the 2021 Chairman’s Safety Awards must be submitted by August 20th.  The winner will be selected based on achievement of the highest overall score in the following areas; Safety Management System, Risk Management, Industrial/Manufacturing Procedures Management, Innovative Initiatives.  Applicants achieving an overall score of 95% will be named and recognized as finalists.  The winner will be announced and recognized during the 2021 VEHS Conference.

If your company would like to be nominated to receive the Chairman’s Safety Award, and meets the above requirements, please submit your application using the online form below.