Vaughan-Bassett Furniture resumes production after March 6 fire

Vaughan-Bassett Furniture resumes production after March 6 fire

Company will monitor COVID-19 situation to determine further schedule changes

GALAX, Va. – Case goods manufacturer Vaughan-Bassett Furniture has resumed production following a two-week shutdown due to a March 6 dust bin fire.

The company reopened Monday and said it would continue operations until further notice amidst ongoing shutdowns due to COVID-19.

“We cannot find anyone in the factory that comes from a county where there has been coronavirus,” Bassett said, adding that the company has been shipping its customers since the March 6 shutdown. “Really the situation we are finding is that all the urban areas around the country are shut down or are shutting down in the next 24 hours. But when you get to the very rural parts of the country, they are still operating, at a reduced level. Our factory happens to be in one of those remote locations. It is in the mountains of Virginia.”

He said that of its 500 workers that come to work each day, only three were absent Monday morning, which he noted is significantly less than its typical absenteeism.

“This will send a message to our customers that for the moment Vaughan-Bassett is open for business,” he said, adding. “We are unusual in that respect, but it has to do with our unique circumstance.”

He noted that the company remains in stock on “pretty much every SKU we have” estimated at some 3,000 inline items.

“We want to keep as much SKUs in stock so we can ship everything,” Bassett said. “Because we are in stock on everything, everything that is being produced goes into the warehouse unless it is one of 5-10 SKUs that is not in the warehouse…We are literally loading 90% of our orders on the same day or within 24 hours.”

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