Insurance Services

The VMA offers a complete range of insurance service member benefits, including unique flexibility and creativity in designing affordable, custom-tailored, and competitive insurance programs for our members.  Our Insurance Partners Include:




RCM&D Expertise for Manufacturing Companies

  • Risk Management & Advisory Services
  • Full-Spectrum Insurance Solutions
  • Employee Benefits Program
  • Personal Insurance
  • Education and Training

Connect with RCM&D for a customized risk and insurance program that meets your company’s business objective and budget.  Contact Bill Bolling, RCM&D, Managing Director, Virginia Operations.

“The services RCM&D provides us has been extremely beneficial, especially in becoming more proactive in combating our risk.  And, we have decreased our workers’ compensation costs by more than $1 million.  We attribute the savings to RCM&D’s strategic approach to reducing risk, the solutions they implemented and their assistance to engage our workforce to help the culture and behaviors.”

Randall Spacial, Corporate Safety Director for Pepperidge Farm

Contact Bill Bolling (, RCM&D, Managing Director, Virginia Operations.  




Value-Added Benefits with Optima Health Association Plans 

If you are a dues-paying member of the VA Manufacturers Association / VA Craft Brewers Guild and have between 51 and 99 employees – you are eligible to receive Optima Health value-added benefits for your employees and their families.  

Group Advantages

  • Value-added benefits are available to all groups with 51-99 employees
  • Groups in the Association program are individually underwritten
  • Group receive the value-added benefits listed below at no additional costs to the member when received from an in-network provider:
    • $5 reduction for Primary Care Provider (PCP) and behavioral health Co-payments (unlimited), offered on all Copayment Association plans
    • $5 reduction for Specialist visit Copayment (unlimited), offered on specific Association plans
    • $50 reduction for Outpatient Surgery Copayments (unlimited), offered on specific Association plans
    • Three (3) Additional Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Sessions, offered on all Association plans

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Looking to offer affordable retirement benefits to your employees?

Call Matt Brotherton at (804) 283-1920 to get customized information or a free consultation today on John Hancock Long-Term Care products.  VMA members qualify for a minimum five percent discount, while through a combination of other available discounts, including marital discount, preferred discount, and association’s group discount, there is a maximum of a forty percent discount potential.  This applies to VMA members who are eligible employees, all retirees, and eligible family members, including stepparents and stepsiblings.  Long-Term Care premiums are also tax qualified.

Contact Mark O’Connell at (804) 709- 1325 to learn more about VMA Insurance Services today!