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VMA Insurance Services

As a VMA member, you have exclusive access to the VMA Insurance Services program. The Insurance Services are highlighted by our Property and Casualty Insurance and Group Benefits Programs. Our overarching goal is to provide your company and employees with a robust benefits solution that offers a wide array of options to meet your company’s needs.

Property & Casualty
Life & Disability

Property & Liability Insurance Program



Bankers Insurance is dedicated to manufacturing operations and carries decades of experience in this industry.

Key Features – What makes us different:

  • Transparency: Our proprietary process leads manufacturers through the decisions that make up their insurance price.  Unlike other methods, we educate clients on their risks and disclose how those risks affect pricing.
  • Cover What You Want: We help clients understand their tolerance for risk and design an insurance program to cover the rest.
  • Time Savings: Convert unproductive time “quoting” policies into revenue-producing activity.  Our process ensures each business is positioned beforehand to receive optimal rates from insurance companies.
  • Risk Assessment: A thorough review of risks and systematic means to address each.’

Learn more here: “FCCI Partners with VMA

View FCCI Press Release: “FCCI declares first-ever dividend for manufacturers


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Group Benefits Program

Discover Your Benefits Possibilities Today

Dental Benefits, with various levels of coverage available.

Customize your plan to your needs! Coverage could include preventative care, fillings, periodontics, endodontics, oral surgery, crowns/bridges, and orthodontia

Vision Benefits

Affordable co-payments and allowances for exams and vision materials, among other benefits.

Life Insurance Plans

Customized plans for employers, based on specific company size and need. Voluntary or employee-paid life insurance options are also available.

Short- and Long-Term Disability

Designed based on specific company size and need. Voluntary or employee-paid disability options are also available

Value-Added Benefits

Additional protection for unforseen out-of-pocket-expenses related to an accident, major illness, or hospitalization. These are based upon a group platform and employee selections.

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