Hazardous Waste Small Quantity Generator Re-Notification Required

Hazardous Waste Small Quantity Generator Re-Notification Required

Are you a small quantity generator (SQG) of hazardous waste (i.e., a generator of between 100 and 1,000 kg — 220 and 2,200 lbs — of non-acute hazardous waste per month)?

SQGs in Virginia are now required to re-notify of hazardous waste activity every four years. To remain in compliance with the re-notification requirement, you must update your notification by completing and submitting the Notification of RCRA Subtitle C Activities (Site Identification Form), also known as EPA Form 8700-12.

The first re-notification is due by Sept. 1, 2021.

If you already submitted an updated notification form since 2018 (for example, to comply with Subpart P requirements) that meets the requirement for re-notification, there is no need to submit a new form unless there are have been changes at your facility since you last notified.

SQGs are strongly encouraged to submit the re-notification electronically via MyRCRAID by logging into RCRAInfo and requesting MyRCRAID permissions for your site (if you have not already registered). Log on or register for RCRAInfo, create a New Submission and select the option to provide a subsequent notification. The form will be pre-populated with the most recent information for your site in RCRAInfo, if applicable. Please review the information in each box for accuracy and update as necessary before submitting.

If MyRCRAID is unavailable, SQGs can also complete and submit a paper version of the Site ID Form and select the choice in Item 1 to obtain or update an EPA ID number. Complete the form with the current information for your site. Sign the form and submit it to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

Note: The current EPA form 8700-12 has an expiration date of May 31, 2020. However, EPA has extended the use of this form, and the form is still valid until further notice.

For more information, please contact Kim Hughes (804-698-4201), Brian Burton (804-698-4058) or Lisa Ellis (804-698-4237).

Additional information on hazardous waste generation and applicable regulations can be found on the DEQ website.