2021 Competitiveness Forum & WiM Recognition Luncheon

2021 Virginia Competitiveness Forum
WiM-Virginia Leadership Conference: Day of Empowerment

November 16-17 – Virtual Event

Tuesday, November 16 – Virginia Competitiveness Forum

Join Virginia’s top manufacturing executives, industry leaders and service providers to the manufacturing industry, to learn about best-practices, technologies and solutions that drive Virginia’s manufacturing competitiveness in five major areas: Business Climate, Workforce, Innovation, Infrastructure and Economic Strength.  The program will examine the Commonwealth’s competitiveness standing against other US states and explore how to move Virginia forward.  The VMA will also showcase the annual update to the Virginia Manufacturing Competitiveness Index. Check back later for additional session information!


“Virginia’s MFG Competitiveness State Ranking”

Speaker: Ted Abernathy, Economic Leadership LLC

Ted Abernathy will unveil the 2021 VA MFG Competitiveness Index results, as well as compare and contrast Virginia to southern and northeastern/Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) states.



“Reshoring Manufacturing and the US MFG Supply Chain”

Speaker: Harry Moser, President, Reshoring Initiative

Growing sustainability and resilience concerns brought about by trade war uncertainty, geopolitical turmoil, environmental concerns, and the COVID-19 pandemic have companies looking for ways to mitigate risk and increase agility. Reshoring shortens supply chains, shrinks response time, and reduces our overreliance on imports, while maintaining or improving profitability. Harry Moser will discuss the tool and resources available to help industry leaders more accurately assess the total microeconomic impact of their offshoring or reshoring decisions.

Wednesday, November 17 – WiM-Virginia Leadership Conference: Day of Empowerment

Join the VMA as we focus on the importance that women play in keeping manufacturing competitive in Virginia

This conference will include professional development sessions, roundtable discussions on important topics, and inspiring keynotes. We will also recognize STEP Ahead and Emerging Leader Award nominees from Virginia.  The STEP (Science, Technology, Engineering and Production) Ahead Awards recognize women in manufacturing who exemplify leadership within their companies and recognizes the widespread impact women have on shaping the industry, whether they are running the company, designing the next big product or testing innovations that help make Virginia more competitive. Check back later for session information!

“The Power of Strengths – Go From Being Passed Over To Picked First Workshop”

Speaker: Consuela Muñoz, Gallup® Certified Strengths Coach

This interactive workshop will introduce you to the power of strengths. Learn about the 34 strength themes and the 4 leadership domains and how they represent the most amazing parts of you. Learn how using your strengths with purpose will build your strengths-based confidence so that you will be heard and be respected. You will create a Strengths Story to use in the Confidence Power UP exercise, and hear about the 3 C’s of presence and then complete an exercise to “see” yourself as a Confident Leader. You are more powerful than you know, and you are ready to unleash your power.


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