VMA January 2019 Webinar

January 16, 2019 @ 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM
Ian Ginger
VMA January 2019 Webinar 
Wednesday, January 16th 
11:30 AM – 12:15 PM
Join us for our first installment of the 2019 VMA Webinar Series. This month’s topics will focus on unmanned aircraft system (UAS aka drones) programming for organizations as well as a discussion on ways to promote your employees’ financial success.
Scott Strimple, Virginia UAS LLC CEO, will provide information on the basics on FAA requirements for setting up a UAS/drone program for your organization. Scott will discuss and provide examples associated with the use of unmanned aircraft systems for business and industrial operations. For example, UAS may be used for security checks, checking the roof areas, construction site monitoring, soil erosion, storm damage assessments, spill control or assessment, stack or tower monitoring or sampling, or monitoring of wetlands, natural resources areas or agricultural areas.
Kappy Gross of Heron Creek Advisors will focus on the tools available to plan sponsors to help maximize the benefit of offering workplace retirement programs. We will focus on how much we need to save and the benefits of doing so through a 401(k). We will also discuss the tax advantages of offering a plan, both for employees and employers.
Sherita Hayes of Sona Bank will elaborate on the Sona Bank at Work program (SBAW) that supports the financial health of your current and future employees.
Please join us for this exciting overview.
Kind regards,
Ian Ginger 
Director of Business Development
Jessica Tongel 
Member Services Coordinator
About the VMA Webinar Series
The VMA webinar series is designed to be a platform to educate manufacturers of the services and resources available to them as members of our organization. Each month will be a different topic highlighting how we can add value to your company.