Intellectual Property Seminar

July 9, 2019 @ 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Williams Mullen Center
200 S. 10th St.
15th Floor, Richmond
VA 23219
Joshua Kaplan

The Roadshow delivers critically important information about
intellectual property to the audience that needs it most – start-ups,
entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, independent creators, and
inventors. The information is presented by experts from multiple government
agencies that deal with intellectual property issues. Participants will learn: how
to identify and protect the various intellectual property assets they have; the
mechanisms for obtaining IP protection in overseas markets and strategies for
determining where they should seek protection; how to record their mark with
Customs, with on-site help, in order to exclude counterfeit goods from entering
the United States; how to combat counterfeits on international e-commerce
sites; and about government resources available to help U.S. businesses with
intellectual property issues. In short, participants will learn information vital to
competing in an increasingly global environment.

See the official flyer and information on how to attend