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Crystal Clean Offers Discount Pricing to VMA Members for Industrial Waste Disposal Services

Heritage-Crystal Clean (HCC) offers member-only discount pricing on all products and services.  They are the second largest parts cleaning and industrial wastes services provider in the US and guarantee to lower your environmental compliance costs.  Click here to learn more.

VMA Member Pricing Program

Heritage-Crystal Clean offers the following VMA member-only pricing on parts cleaning, used oil and containerized waste services:

  • Minimum 25% discount on all services
  • Large volume discounts available
  • No set-up or installation fees
  • No waste profile fees
  • Significant cost reduction to VMA members

COVID-19 Decontamination Services

Heritage-Crystal Clean offers decontamination and disinfectant service for large
and small square footage industrial and office facilities. Additionally, the company
can manage transportation and waste disposal of any contaminated debris and
waste byproducts. The increased spread of Coronavirus has led to a need for
businesses and other locations to decontaminate common surfaces and dispose of
potentially contaminated materials. Learn more here.

Heritage-Crystal Clean Offers Facility Environmental Evaluation Services

Heritage-Crystal Clean has a program designed to lessen the burdens that accompany environmental activities.  Environmental Solutions Partners (ESP) is a unique approach to evaluate waste generation processes and management practices in an effort to provide members with sole-source environmental vendor utilizing the latest technology/management methods available.  Along with ESP, HCC offers Vacuum Services with tank trucks capable of pumping and removing liquids containing sediment, oil and sludge from pits, separators, traps and sumps.  HCC also offers Aqua-Filtration Services (AFS).  The AFS unit is a fluid dialysis system that provides continuous removal of the main causes of industrial aqueous fluid problems.  Particle contamination and Tramp oil.

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