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Team Craft Roofing

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With multiple colors representing our high value on diversity and an orange cap representing safety, our company culture and values are sound. Finally, with our key design component of the Delta representing change. We place a strong emphasis on customization. Every job and every client is unique, but our final goal is always the same. Shelter.

Communication is essential to any successful relationship. Our job is not only to provide you with secured shelter, but with comfort. Throughout the job, we will continuously update you on our progress. Whether it’s a major 1-year, several hundred thousand dollar reroof or a 2-hour emergency leak response, you will receive daily and real-time updates to stay informed.

TeamCraft Roofing utilizes the latest software technology to bring the rooftop to your office. With our proprietary Rufus system you will have a clear line of sight to the entire process from start to finish. At your fingertips and in real time.

Physical Address:

2941 Space Road
Richmond, VA 23234

Mailing Address:

1316 N Long Street
Salisbury, NC 28114

Contact Info:

Contact Name: Stephanie Byrd

Phone: 804-640-5405


Fax: (602) 477-7247




New & Re-Roofing (All Types)
Leak Detection & Repairs
Emergency Repairs
Warranty Compliance, Claims & Repairs
Roof Asset Management, Planning & Maintenance
Sheetmetal Work
Infrared Scans
Design-Build Services
Roof Consulting Services

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