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ACI offers a full range of self-performed services. Our highly trained employees are willing and able to make critical, timely decisions focused on your needs and to provide a turn-key, high-quality solution to meet the demands of your schedule. An unwavering commitment to safety and a passion for providing innovative, quality solutions, makes ACI a company uniquely positioned to provide something extraordinary to the customer.

Physical Address:

1401 Battery Brooke Parkway
Richmond, VA 23237

Contact Info:

Contact Name: Hal Hammer Nathan Karr

Contact Title: Business Development Executive

Phone: (804) 222-3400

Fax: 804.222.6638



Level of Safety Readiness

This contractor has earned the Bronze Level of Safety Readiness. More info


ACI Maintenance Programs
Let us ensure increased efficiency by scheduled quarterly visits to your site. We can perform the following and more:

– Change filters
– Change Belts
– Clean Coils
– Motor Optimization

Comprehensive Plans

The comprehensive maintenance plan option covers all maintainable moving components including labor, materials and overtime. Some covered components include:

– Compressors
– Motors
– Contactors
– Relays
– Bearings
– Shifts
– Pulleys

Preventative Plans

The preventative maintenance plans includes materials and labor cost for repairing worn or failed components. Examples of the equipment this can cover are:

– Boilers
– Chillers
– Air Handlers
– Exhaust Fans
– Bearings
– Split Systems
– Large or Small roof-top units
– Backflows, VFD’s
– Water Fountains

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