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Atlantic Constructors

Categories: Contractors, Electrical, Exterior, HVAC/ Heating & Cooling, Machinery & Equipment Repair Service, Mechanical

ACI offers a full range of self-performed services. Our highly trained employees are willing and able to make critical, timely decisions focused on your needs and to provide a turn-key, high-quality solution to meet the demands of your schedule. An unwavering commitment to safety and a passion for providing innovative, quality solutions, makes ACI a company uniquely positioned to provide something extraordinary to the customer.

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1401 Battery Brooke Parkway
Richmond, VA 23237

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Contact Name: Hal Hammer Nathan Karr

Contact Title: Business Development Executive

Phone: (804) 222-3400

Fax: 804.222.6638




ACI Maintenance Programs
Let us ensure increased efficiency by scheduled quarterly visits to your site. We can perform the following and more:

– Change filters
– Change Belts
– Clean Coils
– Motor Optimization

Comprehensive Plans

The comprehensive maintenance plan option covers all maintainable moving components including labor, materials and overtime. Some covered components include:

– Compressors
– Motors
– Contactors
– Relays
– Bearings
– Shifts
– Pulleys

Preventative Plans

The preventative maintenance plans includes materials and labor cost for repairing worn or failed components. Examples of the equipment this can cover are:

– Boilers
– Chillers
– Air Handlers
– Exhaust Fans
– Bearings
– Split Systems
– Large or Small roof-top units
– Backflows, VFD’s
– Water Fountains

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