Alria Giving Employees $3,000 Bonus With Windfall From Federal Tax Cut

Altria Giving Employees $3,000 Bonus With Windfall From Federal Tax Cut.

The AP (2/2) reported Altria announced it is giving its employees a $3,000 bonus “with a fraction of its windfall from the federal corporate tax cut.” The one-time payout to about 7,900 non-executive employees totals about $24 million. The company posted a $10.3 billion profit last year. Additionally, according to the AP, Altria “announced plans Thursday to set aside $35 million over the next three years for donations to philanthropic programs, mostly centered on youth development and workforce preparedness, in communities where it operates.”

In an editorial, the Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch (2/2) praised Altria for the bonuses and devotion to philanthropy. The Times-Dispatch further chastised “liberal Democrats” who can “no longer pretend the tax cut does nothing for the middle class.” The newspaper also questions why these so-called “hyper-greedy executives” would decide to give up “at least $1.7 billion in profits for a few headlines” if, in the eyes of Democrats, they are so “uncontrollably rapacious its executives would sell their own mothers’ blood for an extra nickel.”  Read More>>