Government Affairs

Government Affairs

The VMA and its experienced full-time staff work to ensure that industry’s legislative and regulatory interests are addressed in a professional and responsible way throughout the year. Staff work with legislative committees and regulatory agencies on a day-to-day basis to keep you informed and up-to-date. We respond to all issues affecting our member companies, including but not limited to taxation, environmental, energy, workplace, workforce training, business law, insurance, and technology issues.

For current information, please visit the Legislative Action Center. It is your one-stop-shop for tracking VMA Legislative Services. The actions of our General Assembly and Regulatory Agencies, both State and Federal, have an enormous impact on the Manufacturing community, so please educate yourself and take action.

You Can:

  • Track key bills on legislation related to manufacturers.
  • See a profile and Voting Scorecard on each candidate.

Keep Up To Date With:

  • Legislative Alerts and Updates
  • State & Fed Legislation
  • Key Congressional Votes
  • Capitol Hill Basics

Legislative Resources: 

VA Division of Legislative Services

VA Legislative Information System

Your VMA lobbying team is a partnership among:

  • Retained counsel for special issues
  • Top flight member volunteers
  • Special advisory committee
Brett A. Vassey
VMA President & CEO
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Kimberly Noonan
VMA Director,
Member Services
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Jeff Smith IV
VMA Legislative Counsel
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VMA Legislative Counsel
Charles F. Midkiff
VMA General Counsel
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VMA Environmental Counsel
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VMA Director, Business Services